FIREWORKS are allowed in Town boundries June 30th through July 3rd, from 8AM - 10PM. July 4th, from 8AM to Midnight. Individuals setting off fireworks outside of allowed dates and times may be subject to a fine of $750.00. Fireworks are NOT allowed on public streets, parks or other Town property.

Lawn Watering Restrictions: Emergency Ordinance 774 specifies that watering of lawns may occur only on certain days and times. This ordinance applies to all Businesses, Government Facilities and Residences using the Town of Wheatland's water system.
  • NO lawn watering between the hours of 10:00am and 6:00pm.
  • NO lawn watering on Sundays.
  • Lawn watering may occur up to three times per week, Monday through Saturday.
  • Violation of this ordiance may result in a fine of up to $750.00 per day of violation.

  • Click here to read Ordinance 774.

Wheatland, largest town in Platte County, provides easy access to scenic and recreational areas. Set amid farms and ranches that are irrigated by the largest privately owned irrigation system in the United States, the town has a nine-hole public golf course, city parks with a free camping/RV area, a swimming pool and tennis courts, Laramie Peak Museum, library, bowling alley, movie theater and fairgrounds.

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